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Address: Via G. Rossini 102, Desio, Italy
Telephone: +39 0362 197 3542
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What we do

  • We produce automatic and semi-automatic industrial labeling machines.
  • We provide integration with Feeders, belts, work-desk with vacuumed plan.
  • We integrate print systems and inkjet marking with labelling solutions.

Our machinery

The ongoing research for new solutions and new materials allows the Packin labeling machines to stand in a primary position in the today’s offer of existing products. Good technology, use of hi quality materials, optimum balance quality/price.
The amount of machines on the market today varies from simple desktop Print & Apply to industrial labeling lines with feeders integration, marking, control with cameras, traceability with specific cosmetic-sector products and food with read & print capabilities.

The attention to the customer leads us to create top level technology products, easy to use and manage.


The presence and strong knowledge of the inkjet marking market let Packin to connect two sectors usually dissimilar, integrating HP technology inkjet printing solutions (Tij2.5) to labeling machines in order to obtain labeling speed up to 90 m/min with a pace up to 600 pcs/min.
Solutions that have being available for customers for years at very cheap costs. The Mc, Mk, Pk-300 inkjet printing systems can always be installed on all the Packin labeling machinery in KIT. The use of technology allows the Packin machinery to be very simple to use.
The various types of inks available today allow us to print also on non-porous materials (films, labels, plastics, UV-cured, etc.).


Solutions for labeling of various materials. Loading flat boxes with feeders, print & apply solutions, inkjet markers, connections between labeler and inkjet or thermal transfer printers, compact and easy to use machines.
Quick and easy paper loading. Some machines details are patented. High quality materials with great use of thick aisi304 stainless-steel, screws all in stainless steel to last over time.
Color touch-screen control panels with storage of the work recipe for rapid setting of the machines in production. These solutions are to facilitate the task for the operators.

Easy to use

Packin machines are easy to use and come with instructions for assembly and maintenance.

Attention to detail

Each Packin product is designed, manufactured, tested and treated in all production phases up to the final delivery to ensure constant quality over time.

Easy purchase

We assist the customer in choosing the ideal form of purchase. The machines can be equipped even after the purchase allowing a small initial investment.

Label Design

We plan series Label Design and/or on specific customer request. The high-resolution printing guarantees the highest quality.

Focus on the client

Customer care has been one of our strenghts forever. We are always ready to assist our clients. Reliability and promptness on our side.

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