Print&Apply labelling machine. Pk-P&A 4″

Print&Apply labelling machine. Pk-P&A 4″

Based on thermal printer from Toshiba Tec the print and applyer Pk-P&A 4″ is installed on STAND-X frame to easily adjust the labelling position. It is possible to install the machine for vertical or horizontal applications. Print and apply self-adhesive labels using an application cylinder with vacuum on top, it possible to apply labels directly in contact with the product or detecting the product with sensor so the machine can work with stopped product or products in movement.  Available a range of thermal printer (TEC) model T1 near edge types with save ribbon option available. Or thermal printer version T2 with standard flat head printing head. Labels up to 100x150mm. 

Label width:from 55 to 116mm
Label length:from 25 to 200mm
Label application:contact, blowing air
Cilynder range:400mm. useful 250mm.
Hand protection:yes, optional
Frequency application:up to 30 pc/min.
Label roll diameter:up to 250 mm
Label roll core:76 mm
Label rewinder diameter:fino a 140mm
Alarm:end of roll, paper break, external machinery command
Products transparent photocell:yes, optional
Transparent labels:no
Connections:USB, Ethernet, Wifi optional
Usable printers:B-EX4T1-B-EX4T2
Foil length:up to 600mt (800 mt for mod B-EX4T1
Printing definition:200, 300, 600 dpi
Save Ribbonyes, only for model B-EX4T1
Ribbon inkIN/OUT
Positioner with knob (vertical):yes
STAND-X base support:yes
Electric power:220Vac 50/60 Hz
Compressed air:4/6 Bar
Dimensions:50x70x100 H. cm
Weight:60 Kg
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